10 things I learned in blogging

9:27 AM

I already mentioned here that it is my third attempt in blogging because things don't went well but blogging became part of my life so it is hard for me to just forget about what I like doing and that's why I am still here as a lifestyle blogger. Blogging Industry thought me so many things and those lessons helped me to understand the blogging industry.
 1. Blog because it is your passion and not because of money.
 2. Don't be afraid to show who you are.I know the feeling of being hated and bashed by someone even  though I'm not famous but  I don't mind them because I know in my heart what I'm doing and I get motivated to blog more so Don't be afraid on the so called "haters" because in the end it is your life not theirs.
 3. I became more careful on the words that I posted online especially when the topic is very sensitive.I know we have a freedom of speech but I learned to consider the feelings of my readers so I think before I share my thoughts.
  4.Don't expect us bloggers to be perfect. Don't be surprise if you saw us with pimples on our                 faces,with cellulite fats or anything that you can't see in the photos that we are posting online because we are humans too not Barbies.
  5. I learned different skills everyday about photography because in blogging we need to be creative     so that we can satisfy the taste or the artsy side of our readers and of course to enhance our skills too.
  6. Not all bloggers are rich so please stop viewing us maarte,matapobre,cannot be reach,rich kids etc. guys I am friendly.
 7. Be honest all the time. build a strong relationship and trust with your readers.
 8. In every photo that we share there is a struggle in capturing it.It's not easy to pose in  front of the  camera especially if its windy or super sunny  outside so we put so much effort while shooting for    our next blog post.
 9. Think out of the box. no more long explanation needed.
 10. I learned to be happy and to avoid letting insecurities inside me.I'm still venturing the world of blogging and I know blogging industry can be cruel sometimes but as long you know your limits and responsibility don't be afraid to try new things.

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