5 Healthy hacks for Holidays

3:18 AM

Wow Pa Healthy anyways I'm back for some healthy hacks!  

It’s the holiday season or also know as the over eating season (what is diet again?)  Food here, food there, and food everywhere especially if you came from a Filipino family so it’s time for some healthy hacks! And for my first entry I’m doing the holiday version so we can minimize the holiday weight gain or at least we try to not over eat.

5 healthy hacks during the Holidays:
  • Drink lemon water in the morning before you eat and drink tea before you go to bed.
  • Eat five-six small portioned meals a day instead of eating everything at one sitting. Make sure that you'll consume one-two servings of vegetable, one serving of fruit and protein.
  • Eat protein first before eating simple carbs like white rice and bread (I know bread is life) so that you'll feel full and it also avoids you from binge eating.
  • Twenty-thirthy minutes exercise everyday! ( try mo lang girl) 
  • Don't wear spandex and baggy clothes!! why? because you'll tend to eat a lot because no one will notice your big tummy and you wouldn't feel it too. Instead wear some jeans and tight clothing.
I hope my simple healthy hacks can help you but let's face it, it's hard not to eat a lot this month but it's not also impossible to discipline yourself. All about mind set. We can consume everything in moderation. 

Have a Happy Holidays!! xx

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