I Believe in Nature

7:36 PM

Trees,Flowers and bodies of water are such a great subjects than tall buildings and the street with full of cars. Nature is effortlessly beautiful, you don't need to plan for a long time just to create it.

     When I was a kid I really like to pick flowers from our garden then I will put it in my hair or just like  Marimar and Rosalinda's flower as accessories, I like whistling too using leaves and making branches as a pencil then I will write my name in the sand. Nature plays a very big role in our lives because it saves us from all the calamities, pollution especially air and many more. At first I don't appreciate the nature because for me it's just a toy so I always Dream of going to big cities so that I can see and photograph the "modern" world but when I transferred in Manila. I realized that "Nature is not just a toy" it is very important, All  I can see here are smog,lot of houses, buildings and cars while the trees are very limited and bodies of water are filthy. Because of that it is easily to flood here and there are no shield when the scorching sun is out. yes, this city helps us to get a job or discover new things but it is not beautiful although there are some places here that is trying to be "Eco-friendly"(which is a good thing).There comes a time when I want chill and smell fresh air so I went outside but instead I got to smell the smoke from the cars and cigarettes,Who would love that? Even though you have a healthy lifestyle, your health is still at risk. It is not too late to make this country clean, We can preserve nature in our little own ways, One step at a time.


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