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  Dieting alone is hard. We need positive mindset, patience, discipline and Inspiration to keep us moving. Being healthy takes a lot of courage. It's not easy as choosing french fries over chicken because potatoes are more healthy, nope, it's not like that. It’s a lifestyle and a long journey. 

I was a fat kid growing up because I’m exposed to different types of food and I don’t like sports. I don’t have an active lifestyle and I eat whenever I want too even though I’m not hungry. I love bread and I don’t mind if it’s fattening because for me bread is life.  However, as I grow up I’m slowly getting conscious about myself and that was the time I said to myself that I don’t want to be the fat kid anymore, enough is enough.  I want to be healthy so that I can avoid serious health problems in the future.

Until now, I can’t say that I’m totally healthy. I loose on track most of the time so to keep me inspired here are my five-fitness inspiration:
+Khloe Kardashian On Instagram 

 My ultimate fitness Inspiration would be Khloe Kardashian. Her progress is amazing! maybe some are saying that she can achieve a great body because she's rich but I think that's just a small factor, her work outs are insane but she's very passionate about it. The revenge body with Khloe is also a good reality show because it motivates me to get out of my bed and start working out. 
I think the best revenge is making yourself better and learning to love your strength than wasting your time to those who hurt you and left you when you're in need. 
 @Maxenemagalona on Instagram 

When I was a kid I hate my big hips because I found it hassle whenever I'm wearing jeans but this lady helps me to love 'em big hips (also Kim Kardashian). Until Know she's still my favourite local artist here in the Philippines that's why when I first met her my body is shaking from head to toe ahaha!
 @ina_feleo on Instagram
I just saw Ina on my Instagram timeline then I got curious when I read her bio on Ig so I followed her and then I learned that she's an actress but the part that amaze me is how she does the #21dayfix (that's a good work out plan) and mix it up with cardio, yoga and pilates. She keeps on track of her fitness goals by posting a photo of her progress and that motivates me. 
@nkitorres on Instagram 
  She's a Vegan!!! wow hands down, My dream is to be a vegan someday and I'm slowly getting there but I think it would take time ( like seriously) anyways, She's a yoga teacher, a fitness designer and the creator of Toning + Dance cardio work out or known as #NTsweat. Sometimes before I eat,
I 'll visit her Instagram profile because it stops me from ordering those fast food fried chicken that I love!! because I can't eat them everyday, I'm a flexitarian. She also blogs at Pretty Darn Fit , check it out.
@Patriciahenson on Instagram

Seriously her Instagram profile makes me want to give up the city life and live on an Island instead. Patrick Henson is a model and she owns a swim wear line. Seeing her in two piece notifies me to just keep going on my fitness routine because someday I can finally wear that swim wear with confidence. 

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