How I learned to love my Body

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I admit loving my own body at first is not easy because I know in myself that I am not healthy and my body's shape doesn't fit the standard of our society so I ended up loving other body shapes like the models and celebrities have, I always dream to have a body like them so that people would love me too. I became so desperate to lose weight when I was on my 3rd year in High school. I tried drinking tea and coffees with slimming thing on it plus I enrolled myself to the gym and I did it for year. The result was pretty good because I was able to lost 10 pounds however it didn't stay. I gained weight again.
   Back then I kept asking myself why did I let that thing happened and not knowing that my ways are very wrong but Now I know the answer to my question. I shouldn't programmed in my mind that I want to lose weight because no one likes/love me instead I should put in my mind that I'm going to lose weight because I want to be healthy and Live long and that is what I'm doing right now.

  I started eating healthy last year and I match it with exercise. Since I’m living alone in Manila I found it difficult to eat healthy sometimes because Fast foods are so tempting plus I don’t have enough time to prepare my lunch everyday because my class starts early in the morning and I’m not a morning person so my daily routine of eating became

  • ·      Morning: Coffee and wheat bread or sometimes cereals with almond milk.
  • ·      Lunch: Whenever fast food we end up eating but I don’t eat white rice, Burger and fries most of the time.
  • ·      Dinner: oatmeal or yogurt
However there are times that I crave (or PMS-ing) so much, I can’t help myself but to buy the foods that’s on my mind and eat them but thanks to my taste buds because I’m not a sweet tooth. I know it’s hard but as the time goes by I learned to control myself by remembering every time my goals and that is to be healthy so that I can live long and make my dreams come true. I observed also that eating healthy have a lot of good results like I became energetic, I don’t get hungry all the time and my skin’s dryness lessen even if I don’t use lotion.

  My aim is to be Physically Fit and not to be skinny and to achieve that I became more responsible and disciplined.  Fitness is a long journey, don’t panic and do it slowly because it is a lifestyle not a hobby. We also need motivations and Inspirations and for me to get motivated I saved photos that have quotations about fitness and loving your body, I also have a Fitspiration (Fitness Inspiration) none other than The Kardashians!! Especially Kim.

                            | Photo from Dash Boutique/Kourtney Kardashian|

  I love their skins too so I use it as an inspiration also because I get to care more about my skin especially on my face since our country has a tropical weather. I’m prone to pimples also because of my sleepless nights and the air pollution that I encounter everyday. I prefer to use organic skincare products than the chemical ones.

  My consciousness and goals helped me to love my body. Fitness is just one way of loving your body; you must accept your flaws and appreciate the structure of your body. Our bodies are not the same because we have different structures of bone and make sure that your fitness goal is to be better than you used before and not because of other people. Love and Respect yourself first and if you do it I assure you that all the insecurities on your mind will be gone one by one.

  Remember Good choices leads you to wonderful results so if you are having a bad choice it’s time for you to end it! Don’t be afraid and be strong. I support you in your journey and be happy inside and out. Always put a smile on your beautiful face and remember we are all unique in our own ways.

Have a Happy life! 

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  1. Always love your body ate H. You're flawless in your own ways :))

  2. Always love your body ate H. You're flawless in your own ways :))

  3. aww I just saw this,Thank you Clarence! I appreciated it so much! :D


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