Game Changer

1:12 AM

Last year, I found myself so passionate about this year despite of the spreading negativity so as an excited person I listed things and promised myself that I’ll make it happen since 2016 marks my 18 years of existence. But we all know that life is unpredictable even if you think you had the best plan in your hands, you still can’t control everything.

I always welcome New Year by having a new planner because I can’t live without listing what should I do everyday and in every day, there’s a certain time when will I do such thing. I’m so conscious about time, it scares me and as a result I’m always in a hurry because running out of time is my greatest pet peeve.  In the first four months of 2016 I’m feeling so productive because it turns out I did everything that is listed on my planner but suddenly it all changes. I found myself sitting on the famous roller coaster ride again, kind of ironic because in real life I hate roller coaster.

2016 is a game changer. I abandoned my planner not because I want to go with the flow, but because of I already said that 2016 would be the worst year ever. I remember tweeting “ 2016 I gave up on you” a lot of times but as I look back, It’s actually the year of growing up and having such courage to do things that I thought I can’t. It’s a leap of faith.

I met new people, I had the chance to share my blessings, I had the courage to go to places I’ve never been too (that’s 3 mountains, 6 islands and 3 hidden places, wow, hash tag blessed) and spent time with some people I thought I’d never had the chance to get to know them.  This year is all about building new friendships, saying goodbyes to toxic people, and being strong from within so that I would not easily give up on the next adventurous years because now, I have an idea of what would my life looks like if I just surrender everything that I worked for.

I am so blessed because I’m still breathing and that’s the best gift I received this year and that makes me so ashamed of believing that this year is the worst thing that happened to me because it’s not. I stopped blaming the year and started embrace all the crazy (but full of lessons) things that happened to me.

Shout out to those who became part of my 2016! To my friends, to my family, to those I just met once or even if we’re just following each other on social medias, to the people who said goodbye or just left without saying anything. Hello there! Thank you for making my 2016 complete and amazing!!

How to have a great 2017? Include God in the center of your life. Happy Holidays! :) 

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