Things To Do While You're Still Single

11:27 PM

A lot ask me the questions “Why are you still single? Are you picky or demanding? “ And honestly I’m asking myself those questions too but as the time passed, I enjoy the life of being single and appreciate the things that I can do while the right one for me is not yet in my side. Yes, I admit that sometimes even if my family and friends are there for me, I can still feel that I’m lonely and that is the time when I ask God why I haven’t meet the man of my dreams. Fortunately, God answers it. I need to love and appreciate myself first because If I did not learn to love who I am, the relationship that I’ll have will result to nothing because it’s like I’m just finding my worth through other person and until I’m not satisfied I will just keep on finding it. Don’t be afraid to discover new things and we never know that we might meet the one while we are venturing in this world, don't waste your time finding the one and let God lead you.

There are lot of things that we can do while single:

  •     Discover yourself
  •       Travel more
  •      Be happy without hesitations
  •        Be Fit and fab inside and out
  •        Lend your helping hand, render service
  •        Devote your time to God
  •        Enjoy the company of your family and put them in your dreams
  •     Open your door for new people and make friends
  •         Join organizations and inspiring groups
  •     Appreciate the true meaning of life

It doesn’t always mean that if you’re single, you’re nothing because being single gives you the sense to enjoy and direct your life. Don’t limit yourself from all the things that you know you can do because we all believe in you. Trust yourself and God will lead you to the desires of your heart.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart” Psalm 37:4

Happy Valentines Day J

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  1. Enjoy the blessings of being single while you can.


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