Direct Heat

5:40 AM

It's already Ber months! However, we still feel the heat everyday (it's obvious on my face) maybe because of the increasing Global warming. It is very important to use sunblock to avoid skin cancer and we should wear lightweight materials to stay fresh.

We had a Poetry Festival at school last week and our theme was about Russia so my group mates opted to wear Russians street wear instead of the traditional one because that would be so hassle! Their street wear is just like the normal one, but, with scarves or jackets because of their weather. I want to wear something like what they wear but since Manila's weather is so hot, I didn't bother to wear heavy fabrics. I changed clothes three times because I can't make up my mind, but when I saw my lace cardigan it became easy for me to choose what will I wear. My lace cardigan was picked by my friend at a Bazaar and I love it so much! This is the look that I end up wearing and I'm so happy because our Poetry Festival activity in school became successful and we all had a great time.

Have a positive outlook in life! :)

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