Call upon his name

12:10 AM

  Are you mentally,emotionally,physically and spiritually drained? I know all of us are experiencing problems that we think it would never end because that problem is the same problem that we are carrying for a very long time. We feel weak and we think that giving up is the only solution  that we have but don't lose Hope and have Faith.Believe that you would receive healing from the Lord.He never fail us and if you think that Lord is not working on your life because of the problem that you have,you are wrong because if you experience problems it means that your life is moving. Give all your worries to him and he will give you rest, Happiness, Love and everything that you need just let him enter your life.

 In case of emergency look at these Bible numbers:
Upset...John 14
Weak...Psalm 18:1-29
Lonely...Psalm 23
Sinned...Psalm 51
Worried...Matthew 8:19-31
Anxious...Phil. 4:4-9
Unhappy...Col. 3:12-17
In Danger...Psalm 91
Depressed...Psalm 27
Lack of Faith...Exodus 14
Others Unkind...John 15
Need Courage...Joshua 1
Need Direction...Psalm 73:21-26
Seeking Peace...Matthew 11:25-30
Leaving on a trip...Psalm 121
Labeled an outcast...Romans 8:31-39
Struggling with loss...Luke 15
Struggling Financially... Psalm 37
Discouraged with work...Psalm 126
(Got these from Facebook,Credits to the owner)

P.s. Prayer really works.

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