Summer Vibes

8:27 AM

Photo by Raymond Floresca
Edited by me

 My friend told me that my outfit is very minion hahahah!!!!

We all know that yellow and blue is very refreshing and it represents summer because it symbolizes the beach and the sunny weather.

We went to National museum last Wednesday and I want to wear light but fashionable clothes so I decided to wear an off-shoulder top and a bandage (body con) skirt. At a glance, the skirt looks uncomfortable but it’s not because the material that was used is spandex cotton so it is breathable and comfy, not to mention I love body cons so it became more comfortable for me to wear it.
Since I’m going to stay in school studying about arts and fashion the whole summer, I’m just going to wear my summer outfits in school instead (trimester problems).

As much as I want to go in the beach, I just can’t because I only have 4 days vacation. But I’m also excited for my next term because finally, I have a fashion subject after a bunch of general education subjects plus I’m going to take basic videography and it makes me more excited because I love taking photos and videos. I hope that my next term would be great and fun amidst of all the stressful days ahead.

How about you? Where do you plan to go this summer? J

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